Ginger an equine photographer for Out West Originals Photography
I'm Ginger, the Photographer behind Out West Originals


Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have a dog and/or a horse to share some of life's journeys.

Reaching back a "few" years, I had a horse that was my best friend, therapist, teacher, all the things a horse can be to their person. A few years before he passed, my mom suggested having portraits of him and I taken together. Those framed and matted prints meant the world to me when he was no longer in the pasture nickering at me. I still look at them today...

...with a flood of fun memories and gushy feelings of him, bringing a smile every time.

As for my pup of 17 years, I only have snapshots, no portraits on the wall to celebrate her loyalty to me and her fun personality. Although those snapshots are treasured, they don't compare to a professional portrait.

Take the time to invest in professional portraits of your favorite horse and best dog, they are not with us forever but the portraits that decorate your home can be. Those portraits pack a punch of wonderful feelings, reliving all the special moments you spent with them. Plus, no one will have the same decor as you!

There is no time like the present. Let's connect to create a portrait experience that will capture the bond and all the feels between you and your horse or dog. Click the button below to schedule a call to start the journey to Celebrate with your best friend.