6 Reasons to Schedule Senior Sessions Early

There is a lot to plan out for a great, fun senior session experience. Parents, if you have already had a child graduate you know what is coming. For those parents that are heading into this for the first time, the list of to-do's to get your senior to graduation day is extensive. From time-sensitive ordering dates -announcements and cap and gown, application submissions for scholarships and colleges - to the fundraising for senior events, the calendar fills fast!! Getting your session on the calendar EARLY can alleviate a lot of stress and headache and have one important senior item out of the way. Here are a few reasons to schedule early:

1) Oregon's fair-weather season is short!

This three to four month window may seem like a lot of time but it flies by so quick. Summer and early fall are typically when seniors have their pictures taken - nice weather, lots of outdoor photo opportunities, and some fall colors. We'll want to schedule your session during a time when you feel most comfortable...not too hot, not too cold.

2) Summers are a busy time!

Let's face it, here in the Pacific Northwest we pack our summers full of camping, bbqs, beach days, hiking, and family events. Before you know it you're registering your child for school and summer is almost over. Having your session scheduled before heading into summer will let you enjoy all your fun activities knowing the session is already on the calendar.

3) Better choice of dates!

A photographer's schedule could be booked out several months, so the sooner you get a hold of your photographer the better choice of available dates to coordinate with your own schedule.

4) More prep and planning time!

Senior pictures are an important part of your senior's year. The more time there is to plan outfits, locations, and props the better customized your session is for you. This also leads to you being more comfortable during your session and the happier you'll be with pictures.

5) Location, Location, Location!!

Your ideal location is important to think about. If you want to have pictures taken in a wheat field or in sunflowers, those need to be taken before the field is harvested or during bloom time, respectively. Other locations could get busier during different times of summer and fall depending on where you want to go, so planning is key for your ideal setting.

6) Hair and Nail Appointments!

Having your senior session on the calendar let's you schedule your hair and/or nail appointment accordingly. Hair and nail salons may be booked out weeks or months in advance so getting a jump on scheduling will get you booked with the salon of your choice creating a much more enjoyable experience.

7) Artwork ordered early = Received early!

Getting your session done and the artwork ordered early means you'll have it back earlier. Which means more time for you to enjoy your heirloom quality artwork!

Email me today to schedule your senior session and get the planning started for an unforgettable experience.