Talus & Styx | Horse & Rider Portrait Session | Silver Falls State Park Oregon

Talus' portrait session with her horse Styx was held at the beautiful Silver Falls State Park, Oregon, in April. It was planned that Talus would wear two different outfits, 1) a prom dress, and 2) jeans and a button down. The day of the photo session, I had contacted Talus with weather concerns. The weather app indicated that by noon it was to be raining or snowing, depending on location, of course that weather could move in earlier or be delayed. Talus said she was still game, Let's do it!

I met Talus, her mom Ginny, and Styx at the location chosen. There was already an inch or so of snow on the ground from previous days, on the ground creating a winter-wonderland feel in the forest. Talus was Cowgirl Tough! She started out in her prom dress at near freezing temps outside. We spent about a half hour to 45 minutes getting different poses; trying to work fast so she didn't get hypothermia. Yes! It was cold!! Talus changed into her other outfit. Her mom had her run around the parking lot a couple of times to get blood circulating throughout her body again because she was cold. When she met up with us again, I asked if she was ok. With her go-get'em attitude, she said "yep, let's keep going." The weather held up for us until the last 10 minutes or so. The it started snowing pellets and blowing sideways, lasting a couple minutes. Talus and Styx were great sports but Styx was not thrilled. We finished up the session, blanketing Styx and warming up vehicles. We exchanged conversation and parted ways.

I had contacted Talus a day or two after the session in regards to how she recovered. She said her fingers were still kind of numb but getting better, all-in-all she was good.

Some beautiful images were captured that snowy, cold day proving that Talus is Cowgirl Tough and her horse, Styx, has complete trust in Talus that she will follow and do whatever is asked of her. A beautiful bonded pair.

If you are ready for your portrait session with your horse contact me here. Let's capture the bond between you and your heart horse.