Tara & Chipotle | South Steens Mustang | Silver Falls State Park | Out West Originals Photography

Photographing Tara and Chipotle was a dream I didn’t know I had until I met these two, and for special reason.

Tara signed up for a giveaway of a portrait session at an event I was attending as a vendor. She was the lucky winner! Upon talking with her on the phone she stated her horse is a mustang. I asked her from which HMA (Herd Management Area). She said “South Steens”. This perked my curiosity, to say the least. Long story short, I photographed her mustang, Chipotle, in the fall of 2016 when he was a baby on the range, just before the gather that year.


We met at Silver Falls State Park last summer for her photo session and I got to meet this Chipotle in person – a beautiful, red roan, mustang! Tara adopted him after the gather and gentled him from the start. They have formed an unbreakable bond and to watch these two together is nothing less than beautiful. Tara now has some beautiful portraits from the session of her four-legged best friend to cherish forever along with some of him in the wild.

Tara & Chipotle's Portrait Session

Chipotle as a youngster in the wild