Calendar Contest Session Proposal

As a calendar contest winner, your dog receives a complimentary portrait session. This includes a 20 minute session to capture a few different images at a pre-determined location by me, the photographer. You have the opportunity to have an in-person image reveal of those portraits and invest in portrait product (prints and wall art).

Upgrade to a Full Portrait Session for $95 includes:

1)     A planning session to discuss different aspects of the photography session, if you (dog parents) want to be in the portraits, outfits for humans, location of your choice, how-to’s to prep for session, and showcase portrait product

2)     The photography session at the location of client’s choosing

3)     In-person image reveal. A guided viewing of your images and the designing of wall art and albums celebrating your favorite pup. (Client is responsible for portrait product investment)

4)     Delivery of your portrait product

You may be wondering why you would want to upgrade. The reason being so your special four-legged friend's personality and true character, that you love so much, can be portrayed as you know them.

To have a beautiful portrait hanging on your wall, over the sofa, to gaze at everyday can bring you such peace and joy you get a sense of an escape from reality and the stresses of the day melt away. That is truly priceless.