You, Your Heart Horse, in Portraits

Portraits with a Purpose

Girls, do you ever feel the pressures of school, society, work, and/or social life being overwhelming and stressful?

At times those pressures can drag a person down, fill your mind with unwanted thoughts, and you just need an escape...your horse is that escape!

If you would like to be involved in this special project "Portraits with a Purpose" follow the link below to the application.

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Portraits with a Purpose

Would you like to be involved in a special project? I am looking for teenage girls that would like a personal portrait experience that focuses solely on the relationship between you and your heart horse.

>Girls, do you ever feel you need an escape from the pressures of school, work, and/or social life? Do you find yourself going to the barn when you get home to be with your horse because that is the place you can truly be yourself ?

 > If you feel your horse is your best friend, your therapist, the one that listens to every story, the one you feel at peace around, you can be your true self with, and all the pressures of life seem to melt away, then I want you in front of my camera!

> You and your horse's bond needs to be celebrated and displayed on your wall. Your horse has a way of being a healer and providing an escape from reality that no one or nothing else can.

> Those are the special horses that need celebrating and remembered for years and years!

To help you celebrate your horse, I would love to capture the bond between you two in photographed portraits. These portraits can provide the same escape on those days you are unable to make it to the barn.

Imagine yourself in your room and on the wall above your bed hangs a portrait of you and your horse. You gaze upon this special portrait drawing your memory to a funny time with your horse, a trail ride, or an event. For a moment you had a sense of peace and calm, an escape from the stresses of life. The reason for a portrait with a purpose.

Click the button below to fill out an application. The more information you provide in the application the better!

A parent must be involved with all appointments.