Albums are a great way to display images of the milestones in ones life - 1st birthday, teenager, high school senior, college senior, and wedding. Now as a parent, we would rather just be able to keep our kids little forever but we also know that's not possible. That's where an heirloom quality album fits into your life; it's a keeper of the memories of those special milestones. Here are three reasons to have a professional photo album:

1) Easy to View

Imagine wanting to look through your senior photo album, you walk over to the bookcase and pull it out, sit on the couch and start flipping through pages and looking back at a momentous time in your life - telling your story as a senior. It takes you back to that time in your life with great ease. Albums are tangible, easily accessible, and has instantaneous viewing. This couldn't happen so easily if the images are on a hard drive on your computer or a thumb drive. Given you can find the file or the thumb drive, you'd have to scan through a bunch of files to get to the photos. An album in your hands can bring back that same emotion and joy you felt that day with much greater ease.

2) Finding time to create an album can be difficult

Creating an album is time consuming! Most families are busy for different reasons - jobs, kids, community involvement - most don't have the time to sit down at a computer, weed through digital photos, pick out the ones you want, and spend the time to create an album. Most people would give up at the weeding portion, put the project away. and before you know it a year has passed. Let your photographer handle the task! They can create the album from your session with the images chosen. Your photographer already has a process in place for efficiently designing and ordering a beautiful, heirloom album.

3) Albums are heirlooms

Albums are heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. It's amazing to look through my grandparents' and parents' albums to see pictures of them and other family members at different phases of their lives. Having an album created to showcase a time in your life, that can be handed down to your kids, is a priceless investment. Your family can look at these albums and see their heritage, see what activities you were interested in, what you looked like when younger; they are in a sense a time capsule. Since professional photo albums are made of the best professional grade materials, they can withstand the test of time.

Let Ginger at Out West Originals Photography create a beautiful album for you. Each album is curated in a photography lab in the United States using archival materials; an heirloom for your future generations to flip through.