Ambur, Peanut, and India

When Ambur's mom contacted me to photograph a horse and rider session of her daughter and her horses I was super excited and wanted to know more of her story. Ambur (yes, I am spelling it correctly), a hard working young gal, excels in school with excellent grades to show for it. She also plays softball adding a competitive talent to her team. At home, Ambur takes care of the chores of having two horses - feeding, grooming, and riding (chores may actually be the wrong word to use here).

With all the hard work Ambur puts towards her activities and school work her mom wanted to treat her to a photo session to show appreciation for her daughter's hard work.

The day of the photo session, a nice beautiful spring day, we were walking across the spring, green pasture - Ambur's mom (Leslie) Ambur with her two horses - Peanut and India, myself, and their dogs running as fast as they can to get to the pond. Leslie was telling me that for the first time her daughter let Leslie curl her hair. It turned out amazing! Those long blond curls! Leslie was beaming with joy! I believe that moment will last in Leslie's memory forever. A great session was had, capturing images of Ambur with her two horses and with her chocolate lab (after he was done playing in the pond).

For Ambur, Peanut (the horse with the white blaze) is the one she can hop on and go without too much of a problem. She can lay on him backwards, crawl under him, and pretty much do anything with him without to much of a worry. She's a lucky girl to have a horse such as this.

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